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Hiring developers - 5-15% revenue of total income (read for more information)
Hello, my name is viking. I have a bit of knowledge in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
I am currently working on a project to resell data storage. And I'm not talking like 1 or 2 terabytes. I'm going directly for the real deal. It's going to be a data storage website like Mega.nz.
There are 3 main features that are needed.
1. Login feature
2. Upgrade packages (access to upload more data)
3. A key feature (Upload link+a 10 digit string of characters needed to unlock the link)

If you wish to help me on this project, please contact me via email: __rsc.douglas@gmail.com__ giving me a bit of basic background info on yourself and why I should recruit you. Please don't include any personal information. Be sure to include your age (I don't want people under 13)

What can you get out of this?
One of 2 things:
᲼᲼- Free 500 Tb of storage space on the website
᲼᲼- 5-15% cut of every payment the business will get.

As of 23/04/2021 we currently have 4 developers. Myself (more of the manager), 2 front end developers and 1 back end developer. 

To contact me, simply add me on discord: vikingww2#8983