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Reusers new logo
I may use this logo in the future for this forum.
What do you think?

[Image: Banner.jpg]
Good work, I know its hard to find a very good logo.
I kinda like the current one, something charmy, animated logo is also good. In the new one, I don't understand what the loop means, maybe I'm retarded, but it looks clean and professional maybe too much with the background which I definitely don't like because I think its an inaccurate representation of your future community
If you ask me, is too basic and I have seen something like this one too many times. By me and what I do when I make logos for me or for someone else's project, I make like other ones besides the first I made and then I compare them which is the best & by that means and also my personal opinion is that you can do more and even a better one!
I like the current one, honestly. It's more unique.
This kind of logo is very primitive and repetitive, the infinite symbol is out of the context in my opinion
[Image: 1a2ITeD.png]
As above i agree with that, current logo is very good. The logo itself shows that it connects people and in the middle there are the subjects for the forum, Cryptocurrency, market etc. Its unique Smile
Oh, I didn't even know about this version of the logo and it is quite cool. :fire: