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Post: RE: Hello!

andrea Wrote: (02-15-2022, 09:38 AM) -- Hello good to see you here... By the way, I am also new on this board. -- It is great to have you here @andrea. Welcome to ReUsers!  :happywide:
Fennec Member Introductions 20 6,504 02-16-2022, 08:52 PM
Post: RE: Best VPN ?

davidliam Wrote: (01-24-2022, 11:54 AM) -- i dont know about others but for me VPN for windows (, seems to be working best these days -- I'll be honest w...
Fennec General Discussion 12 3,862 02-04-2022, 08:34 AM

No worries, your thread has been moved to the correct section of the forum. :nice:
Fennec Hosting 3 831 01-27-2022, 07:11 PM
Post: What do you prefer, Windows 10 or Windows 11?

I would say I prefer Windows 11 because it has better UI and slightly improved performance. What about you, which one do you like or prefer more?
Fennec Hardware and Software 0 496 01-27-2022, 08:12 AM
Post: RE: Christmas Tree - Username Icon | First to repl...

Rev Wrote: (01-21-2022, 08:22 PM) -- Hello!! Guess I'm first! -- Congratulations, you have received the Christmas Tree username icon, you can equip it here (
Fennec Giveaways & Freebies 2 822 01-21-2022, 08:26 PM
Post: RE: whats your goal for 2022

MaxWhite Wrote: (01-21-2022, 04:25 PM) -- Create best site for gaming social or working for this -- What do you think you will name it? :think:
Fennec General Discussion 3 723 01-21-2022, 05:33 PM
Post: RE: What is your favourite subject(s) in school?

MaxWhite Wrote: (01-21-2022, 04:17 PM) -- Computer Science was the best subject at school -- Oh, that's very nice. I love Computer Science, my favourite.
Fennec General Discussion 2 651 01-21-2022, 05:32 PM
Post: Christmas Tree - Username Icon | First to reply

I am going to send only 1 Christmas Tree to the first user to reply to the thread. It is a username icon which is displayed next to your username and can be equipped/viewed on your profile by going to...
Fennec Giveaways & Freebies 2 822 01-20-2022, 05:47 PM
Post: What Graphics Card do you have right now?

I currently have a GTX 1060 with 6GB of VRAM, it's okay but not the best especially for 2022.
Fennec Hardware and Software 0 335 01-19-2022, 10:18 PM
Post: RE: 5 userbars (Dollar - Diamond - Bitcon)

Not bad, those look decent. :nice:
Fennec Resources 1 942 01-19-2022, 10:13 PM
Post: RE: Reusers new logo

Oh, I didn't even know about this version of the logo and it is quite cool. :fire:
Fennec Gallery 5 1,601 01-19-2022, 10:12 PM
Post: RE: How do you draw on computer

I would recommend using a pen tablet if you are going to be using a computer. A great company to get them from would be Wacom ( but it may be pricey. If it is too much then I wo...
Fennec Graphics Discussion 1 750 01-19-2022, 10:11 PM
Post: RE: I need a good rank

Lobos Wrote: (03-07-2021, 11:58 AM) -- Cool Userbars 10 Feb 2020 ( 10 userbars + PSD (GIF Version) ( 10 userbars + PSD (https:/...
Fennec Graphics Discussion 2 1,129 01-19-2022, 10:08 PM
Post: RE: longest thread

Welcome, it is 2022 and if I am right it is currently the longest thread.
Fennec General Discussion 24 7,839 01-19-2022, 10:03 PM
Post: RE: C vs Python

I would say Python as it is easier and as python is object-oriented, it has its own garbage collector whereas in C user has to manage memory on his own.
Fennec Hardware and Software 3 1,188 01-19-2022, 10:02 PM
Post: RE: Most recent project

I haven't worked on any projects yet.
Fennec General Discussion 1 609 01-19-2022, 10:00 PM
Post: RE: Free photoshop, and photo editors.

I know it is about a free photoshop editor or just photo editor in general but for anyone who doesn't know, you can get Affinity Designer ( and you pay one t...
Fennec Resources 1 684 01-19-2022, 04:30 PM
Post: RE: Free logos, discord banners and animated banne...

vikingww2 Wrote: (07-05-2021, 08:21 AM) -- Necromancy Wrote: (07-05-2021, 07:16 AM) -- That's just a boring and repetitive website, would have been a good website If you could have change the pictur...
Fennec Resources 3 1,129 01-19-2022, 08:37 AM
Post: RE: [THEME REQUEST] iO Dark Mode For MyBB

I do agree, that theme for XenForo is quite good and does have a great design and would be great to have on MyBB.
Fennec Support 11 4,347 01-19-2022, 08:31 AM
Post: RE: Server360 theme leak

vikingww2 Wrote: (11-20-2021, 09:16 AM) -- Expired - re-uploading soom -- Yes, current link is expired.
Fennec Forum Resources 2 984 01-19-2022, 08:27 AM
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